Why introduce traffic?

    The re-design of the area is focussed on making it a comfortable and inviting place for people.

    However, vehicle access is considered an important change as it enables access and movement through the area beyond the traditional trading hours – particularly after 5:30pm when the area currently entirely closes, increases exposure to businesses and provides additional passive surveillance.

    Particularly for hospitality businesses, they benefit from passing traffic as potential customers often drive past the area to see the level of activity then walk back to areas of interest and where other people have gathered.

    The ultimate design will enable the area to remain closed to traffic and be pedestrian only for markets, events and at other agreed times when the space is best utilised as a pedestrian only space.

    The movement of traffic (slow speed and shared with pedestrians) provides its benefits at those other times when the additional exposure is a benefit to businesses in the area.

    The intent of re-introducing traffic is to add an additional dimension to the activity, vibrancy and experience of the area, not to utilise the space for through-traffic or in any way prioritise the car over pedestrians.

    How much parking will be provided?

    The new street will provide limited, convenient, short-term parking spaces. It is not intended to provide long-term parking – as ample parking exists north and south of Bridge Street for these purposes. Existing access will remain.

    What about the named pavers?

    The named pavers, currently located near the existing playground, reflect the efforts of many in our community.

    Council has committed to ensuring that the new streetscape honours those names by retaining the pavers in some way.

    What about Norwich Plaza?

    This building is privately owned.

    Council is working closely with all landowners to encourage appropriate renewal in line with the revitalisation.

    Will there still be a playground?

    Yes, our designers were made aware early in the planning stages of the need to maintain a playground facility.

    The new streetscape works will provide a new modern and improved playground. This is a spatial layout with individual items –such as the playground – able to be placed where it best suits.