If I pin a property does that mean it will get a Heritage Overlay?

    No. The City of Ballarat will go through a shortlisting process to consider whether each place meets the criteria and threshold for individual significance, before proceeding with having it assessed for a Heritage Overlay.

    What do I do if my property is shortlisted and I don't want it to have a Heritage Overlay?

    Property owners will be notified in formal correspondence from the City of Ballarat if their home is being assessed for a Heritage Overlay. Owners will have the opportunity to object to their property's inclusion in the Heritage Overlay if they wish to. 

    Can I pin archaeological sites on the map too?

    Archaeological sites were captured during consultation for a similar gaps review partnership project between Heritage Victoria and City of Ballarat in 2019. Any further information that is provided on archaeological places will be combined with the Heritage Victoria data and will not form part of the scope of the current project.