What is social policy?

    Social policy aims to improve people’s wellbeing and is especially concerned with the welfare of those who experience some form of disadvantage, (McClelland and Smyth, 2014).

    What is the Social Policy Framework?

    The City of Ballarat Social Policy Framework articulates the principles, considerations, roles and responsibilities that will guide the City of Ballarat’s policy development in areas of social concern and wellbeing.

    How will the Social Policy Framework be used?

    Once adopted, Council officers will be required to reflect on the Social Policy Framework including the principles and influencing approaches when developing policy which impacts on community wellbeing. This will also include considering the roles and responsibilities of the City of Ballarat in relation to the areas of accountability, capacity and relationships with other organisations.

    What are the Social Policy Position Statements?

    The Position Statements which will accompany the Social Policy Framework consolidate existing and related social policy from across the City of Ballarat to provide clarity about the City of Ballarat’s policy position, key messages, and roles and responsibilities regarding specific social issues. These will be added to over time.

    Why is the City of Ballarat developing a Social Policy Framework?

    According to the Caledon Institute of Social Policy (2003), local governments have significant opportunities to engage in social policy and planning initiatives. Local governments are in a position to promote awareness of the pressing social needs in the community, and of the importance of social investment.

    Developing the Social Policy Framework will provide a consistent and agreed set of principles and approaches that be used across Council departments when developing policy, and when combined with the Position Statements, enable the clear communication of the roles and responsibilities of the City of Ballarat in relation to a range of important social issues.