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NP- 218 - Name Faith Lane in Bakery Hill

10 months ago


Council Reference: NP- 218

Name Faith Lane in Bakery Hill

Ward: Central

The Proposal in Brief

If implemented, this proposal will assign the name Faith Lane to an unnamed government road which transverses off St Pauls Way in Bakery Hill. .

Effect on Property Addresses

This proposal will provide a street name for future addressing but will not affect any current addresses.

Locality and Details

The road to be named is an existing old government road which has never been named. The road is indicated by the arrows on the map below.

Background to Development of the Site or Feature

A subdivision development has recently been approved and the road now needs a name as there will be homes built that are to be accessed from the road.

Background to the Proposed Naming

Council received a request to name the road for addressing purposes. Collaboration with the affected property owner occurred and a decision was made to bestow a name on the road that was in keeping with the theme of other close by names.

Rationale for the Naming Recommendation

The name Faith Lane was chosen as there are several nearby institutions of faith. The abutting road, St Pauls Way, is also named after one of these institutions. The name is therefore congruous to the area and research reveals it is compliant with the current Statutory Guidelines for Geographic Names (The Guidelines).

Submissions and Objections

Interested individuals and organisations may choose to make submissions in favour of or against this proposal. Please note: if no valid submissions are received, it will be assumed that there are no objections to this proposal.

For guidance on making a valid submission, please see the sheet, How to make a submission on a naming proposal, included, which may also be obtained from Council’s Customer Service Centre, 25 Armstrong Street South, Ballarat Central. Details of this proposal are also available via the City of Ballarat website; go to then to Have Your Say. Council cannot consider this proposal or any individual submission before the publiccomment period closes, and must consider all valid submissions before making a decision.

Submissions must be in writing and reach the Place Names Officer, Lani Smith by no later than 5pm on July 11th 2016.

Further Information,

Further details about this proposal may be obtained from Council’s Place Names Officer, Lani Smith via 53205500.The City of Ballarat has also prepared an information sheet to provide guidance for anyone who wishes to request a place be named or renamed, or who may be affected by a naming proposal. The information sheet, titled Naming Proposals – General Information, is included with this correspondence and may also be obtained from Council’s Customer Service Centre.