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NP- 220 Re-name part Jacksons Road in Warrenheip – Gorman Lane

10 months ago


Council Reference: NP- 220

Re-name part Jacksons Road in Warrenheip – Gorman Lane

Ward: South

The Proposal in Brief

If implemented, this proposal will assign the name Gorman Lane to a section of the North East end of Jacksons Road in Warrenheip.

Effect on Property Addresses

This proposal will affect two current addresses.

Locality and Details

The part road to be named is situated in Warrenheip, accessible from Clarks Road as shown on the map below with the obstructed road area indicated by the blue line.


Background to Development of the Site or Feature

The part of Jacksons Road to be re-named is a partly sealed government road; it currently provides access to two properties. The road is a long standing government road and this end has been inaccessible from Allens Road for some time.

Background to the Proposed Naming

Council has received a request to re-name this section as it is separated from the remainder of Jacksons Road. This has caused confusion and delays in location of residences. There is a concern that an emergency vehicle may be delayed in the future when trying to navigate from one end of the road to the other. The part of Jackson’s Road to be named looks on paper to be accessible from Allens Road but in fact is obstructed by trees and an unmade section of road. Vehicles attempt to enter from Allens Road only to find there is no access to the Northern end of Jacksons Road, they then must turn around and drive back to Clarks Road in order to reach the homes down this end. This could cause unnecessary delay in an emergency resulting in dire consequences.

Rationale for the Naming Recommendation

As outlined above, Jacksons Road is obstructed at one end making it impossible for for vehicles to navigate from one end to the other. When this situation occurs the current Guidelines for Geographic Names are very clear on what course of action to take to rectify the situation, Principle 4(F) advises “If the course of a road is obstructed, perhaps due to construction from other roads or features, a new unique name is to be applied to one end of the road”. (P.58 Guidelines). A new name has been developed in collaboration with affected residents. The name, Gorman Lane has been proposed, after earlier landowners. The name links to the place through this early ownership with descendants of the Gorman’s still residing on this land.

Submissions and Objections

Interested individuals and organisations are encouraged to make submissions in favour of or against this proposal. Please note: if no valid submissions are received, it will be assumed that there are no objections to this proposal.

For guidance on making a submission, please see the sheet, How to make a submission on a naming proposal, included and which also may be obtained from Council’s Customer Service Centre, 25 Armstrong Street South, Ballarat Central. Council cannot consider this proposal or any individual submission before the publiccomment period closes, and must consider all valid submissions before making a decision.

Submissions must be in writing and reach the Place Names Officer, Lani Smith by no later than 5pm on Monday July 11, 2016.

Further Information,

Further details about this proposal may be obtained from Council’s Place Names Officer, Lani Smith. The City of Ballarat has also prepared an information sheet to provide guidance for anyone who wishes to request a place be named or renamed, or who may be affected by a naming proposal. The information sheet, titled Naming Proposals – General Information, is included with this correspondence and may also be obtained from Council’s Customer Service Centre. Details of this proposal also feature on the City of Ballarat website, go to then to Have Your Say, Naming Proposals.