Why is this plan being developed now?

    This work allows us to manage change and coordinate development plans as new projects begin in the precinct. It allows us to minimise the spread of the health precinct into the residential areas, bringing with it the benefits of clarity for residents, organisations and businesses.

    How are we supporting residents?

    The plan’s intention is to protect and enhance the residential environment – e.g. streetscape improvements, heritage protection and improved movement and transport options. It aims to find a balance between protection, development and growth.

    Has the Ballarat Health Services Master Plan and Redevelopment been incorporated?


    Are all the hospitals and education providers in the precinct supportive of the draft?

    Yes.  All have input into the draft plan.  These stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide a formal submission as part of the current community consultation process.

    What in the plan is open for negotiation?

    Nothing in the plan is fixed. Everything is open for discussion. 

    What consultation has been undertaken, and what is planned?

    • Community workshop – mid-2015 prelim consultation co-design (100+ people)
    • Background issues paper mid-2017 open for a month for public submissions (60+ received)
    • In-depth stakeholder engagement
    • Media releases and media interviews
    • Letterbox drop to landowners, residents and organisations/businesses
    • Email to previous submitters, landowners, stakeholders
    • 1:1 engagement in response to enquiries
    • MySay webpage and survey (closes 3rd August 2018)
    • Community Drop-in session (17th July 2018 – 70+ people)
    • Drop-in “Response to Feedback” session (late 2018 – TBC).  This will be widely promoted.
    • Media campaign to communicate outcomes

    What is being considered in relation to building heights?

    There are currently insufficient controls for building heights in the precinct.

    A part of the precinct is currently impacted by height limits to protect helicopter paths.

    Within the General Residential Zone dwellings and other residential buildings can be constructed up to 3 storeys (11m). No height limit on other forms of development apply.

    There are currently no height controls for significant areas of the precinct zoned for Mixed Use, Commercial Use, Special Use and Public Use.

    The draft plan proposes that recommended height limits be considered for areas of the precinct to so that taller buildings of a suitable height that may be built in suitable locations. 

    Proposed heights respond to the heights of existing taller buildings in the precinct, and the scale of road widths, e.g. Sturt St is 60m wide. 

    The aim of increasing building height limits is to provide certainty and reduce sprawl into the neighbouring residential areas.

    Any proposed development would be subject to planning controls which also protect character and heritage.

    What is being done to protect heritage and character?

    Heritage controls would still apply and landscaped frontages would be protected.

    Any increase in height would be well set back from the street and subject to a permit. Any development would need to be executed in a way that is sympathetic to heritage character.

    What is the proposed change to planning zones?

    A lot of the content of the plan is simply guidelines. No decisions have been made about how or if this will impact planning zones. There are no immediate proposed changes.  Any changes to planning controls would be subject to a planning scheme amendment process, and the community has the opportunity to make submissions during this process.

    Existing use rights for current activities remain in place.

    How will the plan impact on parking?

    The City of Ballarat needs to urgently address CBD and hospital precinct parking congestion.  There are currently more than 10,000 CBD workers, with 2000 more expected in the next two years.

    Car parking management in these areas requires action now to find the most balanced solution for workers, residents and shoppers while also planning for future growth.

    The City of Ballarat is putting forward the Smarter Parking Plan to address car parking stress now and into the future. Council will be undertaking a detailed community consultation program.

    The Health, Knowledge and City Living Precinct DRAFT Master Plan proposes design principles and strategies to provide integrated network of sustainable transport solutions, including walking, cycling and public transport, to be coordinated with any changes to parking throughout the precinct.

    The plan includes a proposal for a new shared multi-deck carpark to be available for use by all stakeholders in the precinct.

    Final on-street parking plans will be considered as part of the City’s Smarter Parking Plan.

    How do I have my say?

    Hard copies of the Draft Master Plan are available at City of Ballarat Customer Service, 25 Armstrong Street South, and at Town Hall, Sturt Street. Or you can download the plan from https://mysay.ballarat.vic.gov.au/HKCL-precinct

    Submissions close Friday 3 August and can be made online, emailed to strategicplanningsubmissions@ballarat.vic.gov.au or posted to Strategic Planning, City of Ballarat, PO Box 655, Ballarat, VIC, 3353.