The City of Ballarat is advocating for funding support from the Victorian Government to design and construct a new, sustainable regional animal shelter.

We need your input

A new Ballarat Regional Animal Facility is an important project for residents and animal owners across Ballarat and surrounding municipalities.

As we continue to advocate for this project, we want your input to help us build the case for why we need a new animal management facility, to serve the animal welfare needs of Ballarat and municipalities in our region.

Take the short survey below to share with us your views on a new Ballarat Regional Animal Facility.

What services does the Ballarat Animal Shelter provide?

Ballarat Animal Shelter provides animal welfare services for the City of Ballarat and neighbouring local government areas.

Each year, the shelter looks after thousands of lost or abandoned animals. It provides care, including veterinary care, for domestic animals and livestock.

Among a range of other services, the Ballarat Animal Shelter also provides responsible pet ownership education to the public, offers regular opportunities for volunteering to local school students, and work experience for people looking to enter the animal industry.

Why do we need a new regional animal shelter?

The existing Ballarat Animal Shelter is run from an old, repurposed abattoir building; it is not fit for purpose and often at capacity.

In the year to June 2021, 997 dogs and 1160 cats - along with birds, chickens, livestock and other animals - were given care at the shelter.

The City of Ballarat has committed $200,000 towards planning for the new facility.

Victorian Government funding to construct a new regional animal facility will represent the single biggest improvement to animal welfare services in this region in a century.

A new, fully compliant regional animal facility will enhance the quality of life and standard of care delivered to the hundreds of stray, lost, abandoned, or abused animals from around the region that pass through the City of Ballarat's animal shelter each year.


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