Help us shape the future of the Art Gallery of Ballarat

We are seeking the community’s insights to help us develop the Art Gallery of Ballarat’s strategic plan for the next five years (2023-28).

We believe that community is at the heart of the Gallery’s success and future. Your feedback will shed light on our strengths, highlight areas for improvement, and help refine our strategic approach in line with five key themes:

  • Championing Artists

  • Cultural Enrichment and Identity

  • Social Impact and Inclusion

  • Learning and Professional Development

  • Supporting a Thriving Ballarat.

Specifically, we welcome your views on:

  • Whether the Key Themes above resonate with you? If they do not, what other types of benefits would you like to see the Gallery deliver?
  • What do you think the Gallery currently does well in delivering the benefits described under the Key Themes?
  • What do you think the Gallery could do better?

To take the survey, please scroll to the bottom of the page. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and closes at 11:59pm Sunday 23 July 2023.


The Art Gallery of Ballarat, founded in 1884, is Australia's oldest and largest regional gallery. It boasts one the nation’s most significant and largest collection of Australian art outside of the major metropolitan cities. We proudly bring together audiences from Victoria, Australia, and the world, showcasing the works of regional artists and artworks that tell the history and evolving story of Ballarat.

In 2022, we delivered over 25 exhibitions and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we attracted, engaged and inspired over 200,000 visitors a year. Additionally, the Gallery delivered numerous education, professional development and research programs and activities to help foster the cultural knowledge and understanding of Ballarat’s (and Australia’s) unique and diverse artistic history and contemporary identity.

Recently, we concluded our 2019-22 strategic plan, a significant period where our goals were to transition the Gallery into a twenty-first century gallery, one that is audience-focused and firmly embedded in the local creative economy. During this time, we implemented initiatives to build audiences, improve access, deepen relationships, partnerships, and build the foundations for sustainable growth - while navigating the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic that we collectively faced.

Over the next five years, we must also embrace and plan for once-in-a-generation opportunities such as the 2026 Victorian Commonwealth Games, which Ballarat is a host city. Cultural institutions such as the Gallery can play an important role in facilitating and enhancing the benefits the 2026 Games bring, through unique and engaging arts and cultural programs and acting as an anchor by which local talent, content and opportunities can be supported and showcased.

Emerging Themes

To kick off the strategic planning process, a workshop was convened with the Art Gallery of Ballarat’s Board to redefine what matters most to our key stakeholders. These stakeholder groups include: the audiences and communities we serve; the funding bodies and donors who support our work; the providers of services and content who give us the capacity to deliver our services; and the partners who share our values and help expand our reach and impact.

The workshop culminated in the following five Key Themes, to help frame the outcomes and benefits we believe our stakeholders want to see, and the role that the Gallery should play over the next 2023-28 strategic planning cycle:

Theme 1 - Championing Artists 

By developing and promoting inspiring and moving art and experiences that reflect contemporary and future stories and contexts of our artists and communities.

Theme 2 - Cultural Enrichment and Identity

Through stewardship, collecting, promoting and leveraging our cultural assets.

Theme 3 - Social Impact and Inclusion 

By supporting and empowering our communities through social cohesion, inclusion, wellbeing, identity and pride.

Theme 4 - Learning and Professional Development

By sharing knowledge, skills and opportunities with the community, students and artists.

Theme 5 - Supporting a Thriving Ballarat

By attracting new audiences and visitors to 'discover' Ballarat's unique stories and culture and enhancing the city’s liveability for residents.

As we transition from our 2019-22 strategy, we look forward to the opportunities ahead, and building on our past achievements.

Thank you for taking the time to participate. Your input is greatly appreciated and will play a important role in shaping the Gallery's future.


The Art Gallery of Ballarat has engaged consulting firm Sandbox Consulting to assist with the community consultation and development of the Strategy. If you have any questions regarding the consultation process, scope of the strategic plan or need troubleshooting support with the survey, please contact:

Name: Elisabeth Hare

Contact Details: