Why are we preparing the Ballarat Housing Strategy?

Ballarat is expected to grow by more than 50,000 residents by 2040-41. In response, we want to ensure we achieve a balanced approach for managing residential growth and conserving Ballarat's distinctive character.

The Ballarat Housing Strategy will provide a plan to ensure the housing needs of our growing and changing community are met in a way that is sustainable, equitable and in line with community values. For more information about the Ballarat housing context and the broad range of considerations that will inform the draft Ballarat Housing Strategy we encourage you to read the Ballarat Housing Strategy Discussion Paper.

Please note, the Ballarat Housing Strategy will be delivered alongside the Ballarat Neighbourhood Character Study, therefore updates and community engagement material for both projects will be accessible from this MySay page.

Next steps 

Engagement on the Ballarat Housing Strategy Discussion Paper concluded in 2021. Comments, feedback and suggestions provided will be reviewed and considered along with the Draft Ballarat Neighbourhood Character Assessment and other strategic work in the preparation of the Draft Housing Strategy. It is anticipated the draft will be released for community engagement in 2022.

Related projects

The Ballarat Growth Areas and the Ballarat CBD Urban Design Framework projects will also play a role in guiding population growth and residential development in line with community needs and values. The Ballarat Housing Strategy will both inform and integrate the findings of both of these projects to deliver a comprehensive and holistic plan for housing through to 2040-41.

Please visit the Ballarat Growth Areas and the Ballarat CBD Urban Design Framework MySay pages for more information about how to be involved in these projects.

More information

Please contact the Strategic Planning team at StrategicPlanning@Ballarat.vic.gov.au or 5320 5500 if you have any questions about the Ballarat Housing Strategy, Ballarat Growth Areas or the Ballarat CBD Urban Design Framework.