Council's promise to you

    Ballarat City Council makes the following commitment to you:

    - We will work to ensure that as many people can take part in the engagement process as possible by using a variety of engagement methods and actively seeking input from a wide range of participants. We also invite you to engage on our behalf with your contacts, clubs, friends and family to ensure a broad representation of the community is heard.

    - We will communicate clearly and avoid jargon and complicated language and ideas.

    - We will respect community ideas and thoughts and ensure all contributions are recorded.

    - We will ensure Council Officers and Councillors receive a detailed summary of community input and that this is considered in decision-making.

    What can we influence?

    Things that can be influenced:

    • The key aspirations and themes that guide the Community Vision
    • Council's priorities for the next 4 years
    • Those priorities for action in the Council Plan will influence spending in future budgets
    • Prioritisation of Council spend over a range of service and infrastructure categories in the long-term

    Things that can't be influenced:

    • Timeline and resources for community engagement
    • Deadlines for engagement and completion of the Plans
    • The lengths of the Plans (i.e. 1 year, 4 year or 10 year)
    • Services, projects and actions we are legally required to provide
    • Services, projects and actions that are already planned or for which funding has already been received
    • The ability to influence the 2021/2022 Budget and the 2021-2025 Revenue and Rating Plan is limited due to legislated timelines but feedback can be incorporated in to future budgets and the long-term Financial Plan
    • Compliance with legal requirements