Ballarat West PSP and DCP Review

The City of Ballarat is undertaking a review of the Ballarat West Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) and Development Contributions Plan (DCP).

The primary purpose of the review is to ensure the development of land affected by the PSP and DCP will continue to deliver acceptable planning outcomes and an equitable and timely rollout of infrastructure in Ballarat West whilst maintaining the vision and integrity of the PSP.

The scope of the review includes matters such as:

  • Ensuring that the proposed infrastructure meets the needs of the growing Ballarat West community
  • Updating the PSP and DCP documents to reflect any changes that has occurred to land uses and infrastructure since development commenced
  • Adjusting the housing yield and density in the PSP to reflect market trends and state housing and growth areas planning policy changes
  • Making minor changes to the format of the PSP and DCP documents to improve their operation
  • Updating the relevant provisions of Ballarat planning scheme
Map of the Ballarat West PSP

We want to hear from you

The City of Ballarat is now seeking your feedback on the Ballarat West PSP and DCP Review. Consultation will close on 7 June 2024.

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Got a question? It might already be answered below.

The Ballarat West Precinct Structure Plan (BWPSP) caters for primarily residential growth and provides services and infrastructure for new communities.

The BWPSP will provide around 15,000 new houses at full development to accommodate a population of around 40,000 people. It comprises 1290 hectares across three sub-precincts located to the west of Alfredton, Delacombe and Sebastopol.

The PSP is a long-term strategic plan that was prepared by Council in 2012. The PSP sets out how land will be used and developed. It provides the vision and direction for the area and gives developers, landowners and the local community greater certainty about future development and infrastructure in the area.

The Ballarat West Development Contributions Plan (DCP) facilitates the development and timely delivery of infrastructure to existing and future residents in the Ballarat West PSP Area. The DCP funds major infrastructure projects such as drainage, roads, intersections, community facilities and recreational open spaces.

There are two levies imposed under the Ballarat West DCP, the Development Infrastructure Levy (DIL) and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

Further information is provided on the existing Ballarat West DCP at the weblink below:

The PSP and DCP were incorporated into the City of Ballarat planning scheme in 2012 and 2014 respectively.

Legislation requires that City of Ballarat periodically undertakes a full review of the content of the PSP and DCP to ensure that the documents are effective in delivering development and infrastructure outcomes that meet the community’s needs. The review considers things like updated population projections in Ballarat West, changes in planning policy and changes in infrastructure specifications and costings.

All road, drainage, and community infrastructure projects that are identified as PSP/DCP projects but have not yet been delivered are being reviewed.

As development is already occurring in Ballarat West it is important that the correct type and standard of infrastructure is delivered in a timely manner to ensure that new housing to meet the needs of the community can continue to be delivered.

The changes would result in some land uses being moved to different locations. For example a primary school in Delacombe town centre is proposed to be moved to a location where housing was originally proposed.

Some infrastructure such as drainage basins will also need to be moved to different locations and their size and shape will be adjusted.

Changes will only be made to infrastructure where it is necessary.

An update to the Growling Grass Frog Conservation Management Plan is proposed and this is likely to result in some changes to proposed habitat and biodiversity objectives in the PSP.

Yes. This is because the scope of some infrastructure projects has had to be adjusted will cost more to construct than was originally anticipated.

It is estimated that with the revised construction and land costings, the Residential DIL would rise from its current rate of $316,339 to $362,610 and the Commercial DIL from $220,837 to $256,379.

It is important to note that these figures are subject to change following a peer review by Council’s DCP consultant. Furthermore the annual indexation changes from July 1 2024 will result in further changes to the levy.

Only landowners that wish to develop their land are required to pay the levy and there will no change to the Community Infrastructure Levy as this is adjusted on an annual basis in line with indexation.

Informal notification

All stakeholders including Ballarat West developers or landowners with land that will be materially affected by the proposed changes to infrastructure will be consulted and are able to review the technical reports that will inform the revised DCP infrastructure projects and proposed Development Infrastructure Levy.

A document which summarises the key changes proposed to the PSP and DCP is also available.

The City of Ballarat encourages any indicative feedback from developers and landowners before 7 June 2024. Where possible this feedback will be incorporated into the final draft DCP. However given the complexities of the technical reports and inputs that have gone into draft DCP, it is expected that most issues will need to be considered in detail when the planning scheme amendment is exhibited.

Formal notification (exhibition of planning scheme amendment)

In the coming months the City of Ballarat will continue to work with external consultants to finalise the draft PSP and DCP documents.

Once the PSP and DCP have been finalised, Ballarat Council at a Council Meeting will consider and make a decision on a report that could recommend that it seeks authorisation from the Minister for Planning to exhibit a planning scheme amendment to incorporate the revised Ballarat West PSP and DCP into the Ballarat Planning Scheme.

If Ballarat Council decides to seek authorisation from the Minister, all affected property owners in the Ballarat West PSP area will then be formally notified and can make a submission on the review through the planning scheme amendment process.

Any concerns that landowners raise about the review that cannot be resolved would be considered by Planning Panels Victoria on behalf of the Minister for Planning. If a planning panel is required this is likely to occur in early 2025.

If you have any further queries on the review or the process, please contact us at