Planning Scheme Amendment (C243ball)


The Bridge Mall Built Form Framework, 2023 and heritage review has been undertaken to ensure that urban renewal opportunities within the Bridge Mall precinct can be realised through changes to the Ballarat Planning Scheme that facilitate appropriate future development outcomes within a sensitive heritage area.

Previous Community Engagement

The first stage of community engagement began in early May 2023 and concluded in early June. Overall, 46 submissions were received that were related to the project and there was a range of feedback on the built form proposals that are proposed to make changes to the Ballarat Planning Scheme.

As reported to Ballarat City Council's Planning Delegated Committee in August 2023, the feedback was varied and there was a 50/50 split between those that supported the proposals, and those that expressed concerns.

There were two key areas of concern that were noted and reported to Council:

  • Concerns about the threat to heritage character and fabric; and
  • Related to the above, building heights being too high.

Whilst the Council resolved not to make changes to the built form and heritage proposals at that time, the report to Council highlighted that the community would have the opportunity to make a formal submission to the amendment during the exhibition phase of the amendment, and would have a further opportunity to make a submission to a Planning Panel, if and when it proceeds to that stage.

Exhibition of Amendment C243ball Bridge Mall Built Form Review

Amendment C243ball proposes to replace Schedule 1 to the Design and Development Overlay with a new schedule that provides improved guidance for future buildings and facilitates development outcomes in accordance with current planning scheme policies and adopted City of Ballarat strategies that seek to accommodate increased population and jobs within the Ballarat CBD.

The Amendment also inserts a new incorporated document into the Ballarat Planning Scheme as a new heritage “statement of significance” for the Bridge Mall Heritage Overlay Precinct (HO176).

The Amendment has been prepared under section 12 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. Notice of Amendment C243ball will be gazetted and on public exhibition from Thursday 1 February 2024 – Friday 1 March 2024.

Heritage Review (Landmark Heritage)

As part of this review, the City of Ballarat have also engaged heritage consultants to review current heritage provisions under the Heritage Overlay (HO176) within the Ballarat Planning Scheme to ensure that new development respects and enhances the heritage character of the Bridge Mall and Bakery Hill Precinct.

Key outcomes of the Heritage Review:

  • A review of the gradings of all buildings within the HO176 Precinct; and
  • A more accurate description of the place and how all buildings contribute to the heritage character of the precinct.

As a result, an updated Heritage Citation and Statement of Significance have been developed for the Bridge Mall Precinct which is covered by Heritage Overlay (HO176). These documents detail the history of the precinct and what is important today in terms of its heritage character and fabric.

How to make a submission

Any person who may be affected by the amendment may make a submission to the planning authority.

Submissions about the amendment must be received by close of business, Friday 1 March 2024.

A submission can be emailed to:

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the proposed amendment with a staff member, please contact Evan Burman at

What the amendment does

The amendment implements the recommendations of the Bridge Mall Built Form Framework Schedule 1 to the Design and Development Overlay. The amendment also implements the Bridge Mall/Bakery Hill Precinct Statement of Significance supported by the Bridge Mall/Bakery Hill Precinct Heritage Citation. The HO176 boundary is also amended to exclude a "Non-contributory" property at 4-6 Peel Street N.

The Explanatory Report provides a comprehensive explanation of what the amendment does and how it is supported by state planning policy within the Planning Policy Framework of the Ballarat Planning Scheme.

Bridge Mall Precinct

Next Steps

Once the Amendment exhibition period finishes, all submissions will be reviewed and reported to Council's Planning Delegated Committee for a decision on how to proceed with the amendment. It is expected that Amendment would continue to be considered further at a Planning Panel, where submitters to the Amendment will have a further opportunity to present their submission to the Planning Panel, who then consider all of the submissions and make a recommednation(s) about the Amendment back to Council.

Planning Panels are an independent process (administered by the state government) where all submitters may expand on their written submission should they wish to do so. The Planning Panel reviews all written submissions made during the exhibition stage.