Work has commenced on the streetscape improvements along Warrenheip Street between Forrest and Eyre Streets and at the corner of Learmonth Street.

All effort will be made to keep disruption at a minimum, however closure of some areas may be necessary to safely undertake the works.

Completion of works along Warrenheip Street is expected in late March with Learmonth Street being completed shortly after.

Warrenheip Street (Forrest to Eyre Streets) - Existing Tree Removal and Replacement

In order to achieve one of the key objectives of the streetscape works, which is to flatten the grade and improve pedestrian access and safety, excavation works must be undertaken. To do this, the trees must be removed.

Further, the six existing trees in this section- five Ash trees and one Evergreen Alder - have been assessed by both Council and independent arboriculturists and, whilst perhaps appearing to be healthy, have poor structural form as they have been heavily pruned over many years for power line clearance, are lifting the footpath in several areas creating trip hazards, and are generally approaching the end of their useful life (in arboricultural terms).

Given this of the existing trees in this section of Warrenheip most be removed and replaced. This was a discussion point in the community consultation process before the works were tendered.

English Oak trees have been selected as the predominant replacement tree species to match the established Oaks in Warrenheip St to the south. As the powerlines have been bundled as part of this project new tree plantings will not be pruned under powerlines and can achieve maximum canopy size which is more appropriate to the scale of Warrenheip street than the smaller Ash. The new plantings of 5 English Oaks (Quercus robur) and 2 Red Maples (Acer rubrum) will be as advanced in size as practical and be planted into tree pits to maximise growth and vigour.

In summary the landscape works in Warrenheip Street include:

- Removal of 6 trees and replacement with 7 trees, ensuring a balance between trees and car parking capacity.

- Selection of robust tree species and aerial bundling of powerlines so that new trees can achieve maximum canopy size within the streetscape has been undertaken.

- Other landscape works including sections of vines on trellis, new garden bed plantings and lawn areas, new footpaths, seating and increased areas for outdoor dining.

Buninyong Streetscape Upgrades – Learmonth Street

All of the existing trees in Learmonth Street, including the Avenue of Honour trees and Chinese Elm on the National Register are to be retained and protected as part of the redevelopment works.

An additional 9 English Oaks (Quercus robur) will be planted in the wider naturestrips and carparking areas to create an avenue effect and further enhance this entrance into Buninyong. Additional landscaping includes new garden bed plantings and lawn areas, seating and increased areas for outdoor dining.

Timing of the works

A construction contract has been successfully tendered and awarded with commencement of the works to take place is proposed to begin in late January following the Road Nationals cycling events. Should this timing change, we will provide an update on this webpage.

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