The Ballarat Strategy has established the clear directions for the Council’s approach to environmental sustainability and climate change adaption moving forward. The work to follow the strategy will include a number of explicit actions plans.

This Emissions Management Action Plan 2015 provides an outline of the actions that will be undertaken over the next five years to reduce greenhouse gas emission from the operations of the City of Ballarat. These actions are to be owned by the staff responsible for the management of the relevant area, with environmental management the responsibility of all staff at the City of Ballarat. This plan provides the objectives and actions to support the Ballarat Strategy 2015.

The objectives of the Emissions Management Action Plan are to develop a culture of sustainability while reducing resource consumption and everyday impact.Details on these objectives and key actions required to be undertaken to meet these objectives are outlined below. Results of actions undertaken will be reported to the Regional Sustainability Alliance in August of each year, where feedback on progress will be reported back to Council.