Project Background

We are undertaking a Conservation Management Plan for the nationally significant Eureka Stockade Gardens. The purpose of the Conservation Management Plan (CMP) is to enable the City of Ballarat to better understand the significance of the Eureka Stockade Gardens so as to best manage its heritage values, and provide specific advice on potential future use, change and development of the place.The CMP does not include changes to legislative controls, design and specifications for any plan recommendations.

The Conservation Management Plan will build on and review the previous Conservation Analysis and Master Plan undertaken in 2001 and subsequent Interpretation Plan 2019. The new Conservation Management Plan will guide conservation works on the original monument, will guide interpretation and other developments as part of the 2030 vision for the place.

Study Area

Eureka Stockade Gardens Main Area

1. Eureka Monument

2. Arboretum

3a. Lake Penhalluriack & Natural Amphitheatre

3b. Main entry & play zone

3c. Contemporary commemoration

4a. Rodier Street entrance

4b. Stawell Street entrance

5. Eureka Centre