The City of Ballarat is seeking feedback from the community for their preference between an annual fireworks display or a sound and light show to commence in 2022. Community feedback will be considered in the decision-making process, along with a range of other factors. Please consider the following when casting your vote:

  • Fireworks cost approximately $38,000 for a 15-20 minute show.
  • A single sound and light show of the same duration costs approximately $200,000 - $250,000.
  • For safety reasons, fireworks are best located over a body of water. Therefore future fireworks will continue to be held at Lake Wendouree.
  • Fireworks used are non-toxic and leave no harmful residue in the water, as confirmed by Council water testing before and after fireworks displays.
  • Fireworks are not feasible in wet and poor weather which limits the time of year in which a display can take place.
  • A sound and light show would also be scheduled in the warmer and drier months for crowd comfort.
  • Given the short duration of both fireworks and sound and light shows, these would be part of the program for an existing event or activity rather than stand-alone activities.

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The 'Family entertainment - fireworks or sound and light show?' survey has now concluded