Planning for our future pathways

The City of Ballarat is developing a Footpath Construction Strategy to prioritise new footpaths within the municipality.
The City of Ballarat has 844 kilometres of existing footpaths. There are about 600 kilometres of missing footpaths in the municipality which it’s estimated would cost about $100 million to construct.
The aim of the Strategy is to ensure that Ballarat’s footpath construction budget is spent in alignment with the community’s needs and aspirations for footpath use.

The Strategy will focus on the construction of new footpaths as well as sealing existing unsealed footpaths across the municipality.

As part of the development of the Strategy, your feedback is sought to prioritise footpath construction according to how you use footpaths and gaps in the network that impact your footpath use.
This strategy focusses on new and unsealed pathways only. However, if you would like to provide any feedback about existing footpaths or factors affecting your ability to use existing sealed footpaths, please submit your feedback to

You can also download the Snap Send Solve app to quickly report any footpath problems to us anytime.