The City of Ballarat knows Forest Street is a key transport corridor in Wendouree linking local residents to local shops, local primary and secondary schools, early learning centres, Howitt Street shopping centre and Lake Wendouree. It is part of many walking and cycling trips within the local neighbourhood to visit friends, family and neighbours. The street is very wide, has many side streets and it has been observed that some people find it a challenge to cross the road. Forest Street is recognised as a Strategic Cycling Corridor by the State Government and is a recognised route within the Ballarat Bicycle Network (BBN).

Your local knowledge is invaluable in understanding whether there are improvements that could be made to Forest Street to make it a safer, more enjoyable, more accessible and comfortable transport corridor for people walking, riding a bike, riding mobility scooters or otherwise moving around without a car. The City of Ballarat want your insights and perspectives on the current situation, and what you may like to see in the future.

There are several ways to provide feedback and learn more:

  • Pin your ideas on the map below – we want to know your experiences in this area, what you like and would like to see improved (if any)
  • Answer the short survey; or
  • Email questions or comments to

This consultation will close on Monday 8th April 2024.

Once feedback is received, City of Ballarat's team will summarise your thoughts and provide back a report on what you said. The report will be published on this page or can be received via email if you follow the project.

Depending on the feedback received, consideration will be given to preparing some concept designs for community feedback. At this stage, this is a scoping project seeking to understand local issues and set the parameters for what improvements may look like in this area.

Map your ideas

Why Forest Street

Forest Street is a major road servicing a large residential population and several large schools. It intersects the busy Howitt Street shopping precinct and provides an important transport link, connecting the north of Wendouree to Lake Wendouree.

Providing options for active transport along Forest Street has many benefits including:

  • increasing health benefits from physical activity
  • reducing noise and air pollution
  • reducing local traffic congestion
  • reducing greenhouse emissions and environmental impacts
  • increasing community safety and cohesion
  • improving community health and wellbeing
  • being a low-cost activity that is easily accessible
  • supporting local businesses with more people shopping locally.

(Source: 10,000 Steps)

The goals for this project are to create a design for the street that will:

  • Facilitate active transport for commuters and students
  • Create safe, comfortable and accessible options for walking or cycling
  • Preserve the existing healthy trees
  • Increase natural shade and green the street with additional tree and other plantings
  • Create rest points and cycle stations at appropriate places

The final design created will be used to advocate for funding to implement the design.