In response to a number of requests to expand club facilities at the Boat Sheds around Lake Wendouree, Officers have developed draft recommendations for a Boat Shed Policy Addendum, now available for your comment :


It is the intention to ask Council to resolve to:

  1. Continue the practices specified in the Lake Wendouree Boat Shed Policy adopted (C222/00) at the Council meeting held on 28 June 2000 (See documents)

  2. Restate as policy the recommendations of the Lake Wendouree Landscape Master Plan (pp. 81-86) to guide applications for refurbishment/extensions to boat sheds

  3. Adopt the following further principles in assessing applications for refurbishment or extension of existing boat sheds and include as an addendum to the Lake Wendouree Landscape Master Plan:
  • Where at all pragmatic, expansion of a boat house to provide for additional membership, storage, amenities and the like shall be accommodated within existing building footprint, via the efficient use of existing floor space, and utilising existing roof space;

  • Appropriate view sharing to minimize the impact on views from land adjacent to the Lake and to avoid, where ever possible, the impact on iconic viewpoints to and across the Lake Precinct;

  • Where an element of a boat shed complex (larger facility) proposes an extension or alteration, the proponents be requested to prepare a master plan to detail the entirety of proposed works for the five to 10 year time frame in order that the extension/alteration is considered within the longer term context;

  • Fencing to be aesthetically pleasing, avoiding chain mesh and barb wire;

  • Service areas to be appropriately screened so as not to be visible from the water and/or from land immediately adjacent to an proposed extended facility;

  • Existing vegetation adjacent to facilities not to be impacted by any expansion unless completely unavoidable;

  • Lease arrangements for any approved extended facility to include explicit maintenance provisions to ensure the facility continues to present in the best possible manner;
  • In considering any application for extension or refurbishment of an existing boat shed, Council take the opportunity to rationalise vehicle access and parking to minimise potential conflict points with the Steve Monaghetti track and pedestrian and cycle traffic generally around the Lake; and
  • When considering any application for extension or refurbishment to an existing boat house, Council explore the potential for co-tenancy to increase utilisation of existing facilities and provide for the further activation of the Lake and Gardens Precinct.
  1. Advise the Ballarat Yacht Club, Wendouree Ballarat Rowing Club and Ballarat High School of the adopted principles for consideration of extension/refurbishment of existing boat sheds and further advise them of Council’s willingness to consider their applications accordingly;

  2. Advise all Lake and Garden stakeholders of the Council’s adopted Policy position; and

  3. Include this approach identified in this report to consider applications for refurbishment/extension to existing boat sheds within the broader Lake Wendouree Activation Strategy.

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