The Learmonth Community Skills Shed Consultation Report and updated and final Concept Plan are now available in the 'Documents' section of this page. The consultation report has taken your feedback and been considered by the architect to develop the final concept. A Design and construct contract has been awarded to MKM Constructions Pty Ltd and it is expected construction will commence in early 2024. 

What is the project?

A new Community Skills Shed is being constructed at the Learmonth Recreation Reserve. The new shed will provide a place for the Learmonth Community Skills Shed group to come together to undertake community shed activities such as woodworking, metalwork, and other creative pursuits. It will also be a space that other groups can gather, have meetings and run activities. A concept design for the Learmonth Community Skills Shed has been developed and the community was invited to provide feedback between Friday 18 November and Monday 5 December. 

You can find the final concept plans and the consultation report in the 'Documents' section on the right-hand side of the page. 

Other information

The Learmonth Community Skills Shed is a community group which aims to recycle, reuse and rejuvenate materials into worthwhile products while contributing to the social networking and wellbeing of the town. Currently the group is accessing a private shed, but this is not a sustainable solution, and in order to continue the group is requiring a functional space to undertake their activities.  The group were successful in a recent application to the State Government for a contribution towards building a new Community Skills Shed in Learmonth. The project is being auspiced and delivered by Council at the Learmonth Recreation Reserve which is Council owned land. Council has also made an allocation to the construction of the shed in the 22/23 budget.  A design and construct contract was awarded to MKM Constructions Pty Ltd in October 2023 and it is hoped that the shed will be completed by August 2024. 

The scope and budget for the initial stage of the project is modest including a shed with a kitchen and accessible toilet, and which addresses minimal requirements for parking and connection. However, the concept plans will also demonstrate the longer-term aspirations for the site including the addition of a veranda, and opportunities for community gardening and other activities.  

It should be noted that it is planned to include a number of considerations in the License Agreement with the Learmonth Community Skills Shed group such as: noise restrictions for power tools (based on standard EPA regulations); working with other reserve users to ensure that activities are not scheduled or can effectively occur at the same time as other community events such as football game days; and, ensuring that the allocated licensed area remains tidy and safe for other users of the reserve.