Thank you for your feedback

Council has developed a Municipal Early Years Plan 2022-2026 and, from 4 April to 1 May, we sought community feedback on the draft. City of Ballarat is currently reviewing all feedback before the Municipal Early Years Plan is re-presented to council for final approval. When this is completed we will share the final draft with our community.

Your feedback will be used to inform changes to the document as part of finalising it ahead of adoption by Council. View the draft in the Document Library on this page.


The City of Ballarat is a signatory to the Victorian Child Friendly Cities and Communities Charter. The charter recognises that, without voting rights, the ability of children to influence the communities they live in is limited to the opportunities afforded to them by adults. As a Child Friendly City and aligned with the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities, the City of Ballarat is committed to engaging children in the life and decision-making of our city.


"All children and young people are thriving and are active participants in shaping the future of our city. Our families are provided with choice and opportunities to nurture their children.

City of Ballarat will understand, listen to, and deliver for the needs of all children and their families, as an everyday part of the way we do business. We will be renowned for the way we value our children."

Connection is an overarching theme of the Plan:

  • Connection to community
  • An interconnected service sector
  • Connected to the City of Ballarat
  • Connected to place and country.

Our plan has six goals that have been identified in the Nest, Australia's first evidence-based framework for child and youth wellbeing, developed by the Australian Research Alliance of Children and Youth.
The goals for children are:

The Municipal Early Years Plan has been developed with with broad consultations with City of Ballarat staff, community, children and professional stakeholders. Your feedback is important to finalising the Plan. It is planned that a draft will be presented to Council for review in June 2022 following review and integration of community feedback where appropriate.