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CBD Car Parking 2016 - Community Survey

The City of Ballarat is working to improve parking facilities for the central Ballarat area.  As a part of this process council is currently auditing space utilisation and seeking your input to have a better understanding of public use and need. 

The aim of the process is to :

  Provide safe, accessible and affordable parking

·  Improve security for staff  and late night city patrons

·  Improve traffic safety

·  Improve resident amenity

·  Provide better protection for trees and other assets and preserve the heritage amenity

·  Facilitate better utilisation of car parks

·  Position Ballarat for future growth of business/education/hospital facilities

·  Implement Council policy and recommendations

The City of Ballarat is also working with VicRoads on the Improving Sturt Street and Mair Street Project. 

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.