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FReeZA Push Start Artist Application 2017

  1. Entry is free of charge - but participants must cover all costs incurred by travel and accommodation.

  2. All prospective participants must meet and be aware of all of these criteria:

    • Any act that has progressed from a heat event and has competed in a Regional or Grand Final in any previous year is not eligible to re-enter.
    • Acts must contain members who live, work, recreate or study in the municipality. Only acts whose members fall into these categories will be awarded a performance opportunity (at the FReeZA workers discretion).

    • A minimum of half of the band members must be 21 years of age or under at the date the application is submitted.
    • No members can exceed 25 years of age or be younger than 12 years of age at the date application is submitted.
    • Performers are not to have a recording, publishing or distribution deal.
    • FReeZA Push Start is open to soloists, duos, bands, and artists of all styles and genres, and is of most benefit to artists performing original material.
    • FReeZA Push Start is not a “talent competition” and therefore not the right platform for DJs and dancers.
    • There is an expectation that artists entering FReeZA Push Start will be performing a minimum 80% original material.

  3. Submission of an application inclusive of a CD, MP3s, photo or bio does not guarantee participation in the program. All applicants will be notified on whether they were successful by phone or email within 14 days of the participant sending the application.

  4. By entering FReeZA Push Start, you agree to be available to perform at the Regional Final should you win the heat - even if the date and location is not available at the time of entry. If you are unavailable for the Regional Finals, your position will be offered to the band that placed 2nd and they will represent the region in your place. If this occurs, you ARE eligible to enter a FReeZA Push Start Heat again in subsequent years, as per entry condition 2 (stated above).

  5. If you enter more than one FReeZA Push Start heat event (whilst correctly adhering to entry conditions) and win a heat, you will proceed to the Regional Final, but you will no longer be permitted to compete in any further heats that you may have applied for.  The committee hosting the subsequent events retain the right to offer your performance spot to another band or to allow you to play as a ‘non-competing guest artist’, not subject to the judges scoring.

  6. In the instance of a band entering a Heat event where there are multiple committee based events (ie 2 heats, then a play off to see who goes onto the Regional Final), the host of other heat events that the band has entered retains the right to offer their performance spot to another band, or alternatively allow them to perform but not be judged.

  7. All acts must adhere strictly to their performance time, or have points deducted for playing over-time.

  8. No more than ½ of any bands’ members can play in any other band performing at the event. (Solo & duo artists are exempt.)

  9. All acts must have at least one member in attendance at the pre-event meeting, should the FReeZA group chose to hold one. The date and venue will be advised by the local FReeZA committee in advance.

  10. At each FReeZA Push Start event, there is backline equipment provided for your use. This includes full PA, drumkit, guitar and bass amplifiers. If a drumkit is supplied, then you may use your own snare drum, kick pedal, hi-hats and cymbals. You also need to adhere to the strict stage times that will be clearly communicated to you before and at the event. All performers are responsible for their own equipment and no responsibility will be taken by the event organisers for any damaged or lost equipment.
    Should you wish to use your own equipment (ie: guitar/bass amplifiers or heads, drum hardware), this will be at the local FReeZA worker’s discretion. Please contact them in advance to discuss. It is important that all equipment is to be tested and tagged, as well clearly labelled; suitable verification is required for equipment collection.
CLOSED: This survey has concluded.