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Urban Forest Discussion Paper

There are over 70,000 trees located across public land in Ballarat. With council’s target of increasing tree canopy cover from 17% to 40% by 2040 it is important we implement a holistic tree management program. As such, council has developed a discussion paper to explore the key issues relating to climate change, species diversity, ageing trees and overall health facing our current and future urban forest. Nine priorities have also been proposed through the discussion paper and will help form a basis to develop a final action plan.

We are asking for your feedback and comments in relation to the key issues and priorities outlined in this discussion paper. We value your responses as they will form part of the final action plan. 

Additional feedback may be provided to Mary Spencer, Places Officer, (5320 5686), email or in writing to the City of Ballarat, PO Box 655 Ballarat Vic 3353.

In conjunction with the development of the Urban Forest Discussion Paper is an interactive map which locates over 70,000 trees across Ballarat. An integral part of managing our urban forest is collecting tree related data to better understand our forest. The map can be explored below and by selecting a tree the associated data, where available, will be displayed.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.