NP- 225 Name an unnamed road in Ballarat East - Barry’s Lane

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Council Reference: NP- 225
Name: Name an unnamed road in Ballarat East – Barry’s Lane
Ward: Central
Council is required to seek public comment before making any decision on a naming proposal. This document is issued to encourage informed discussion and comment on this proposal.

The Proposal in Brief
If implemented, this proposal will assign the name Barry’s Lane to an unnamed road in Ballarat East.
Effect on Property Addresses
This proposal will affect one current address.
NP- 225
This road is an old government road. Situated in Ballarat East, it runs off Fussell Street and is outlined in red on the map below.

Background to Development of the Site or Feature
The road in question is a government road created when Ballarat was first surveyed. It has never been named. Recently a residence has been relocated to the area and it is accessed off this road. Rules for naming require properties to be addressed to the road they are accessed from and the road now needs a name.

Background to the Proposed Naming
Council has received a request to name the road. The road was previously seldom used for traffic but with the recent addition of a residence that is accessed from this road, it is necessary for a name to be assigned to it for addressing purposes.

Rationale for the Naming Recommendation
The name proposed is that of an early landowner, Barry Cosson. Mr Cosson died many years ago and it is proposed that the naming will commemorate him. His family are still associated with the land and thus the name is linked to the place. Mr Cosson was well regarded within the community and died prematurely due to an aeronautical accident.

Submissions and Objections
Interested individuals and organisations are encouraged to make submissions in favour of or against this proposal. Please note: if no valid submissions are received, it will be assumed that there are no objections to this proposal.
For guidance on making a submission, please see the sheet, How to make a submission on a naming proposal, on this site or obtainable from Council’s Customer Service Centre, 25 Armstrong Street South, Ballarat Central. Council cannot consider this proposal or any individual submission before the public comment period closes, and must consider all valid submissions before making a decision.

Submissions must be in writing and reach the Place Names Officer, Lani Smith by no later than 5pm on Monday 13th November 2017.

Further Information
Further details about this proposal may be obtained from Council’s Place Names Officer, Lani Smith. The City of Ballarat has also prepared an information sheet to provide guidance for anyone who wishes to request a place be named or renamed, or who may be affected by a naming proposal. The information sheet, titled Naming Proposals – General Information, is available on this site and may also be obtained from Council’s Customer Service Centre.

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