NP228: Re-name the South West section of Webb Road in Delacombe – Ascot Gardens Drive

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Proposal in Brief

If implemented, this proposal will re-name a small section of Webb Road in Delacombe.

Effect on Property Addresses

This proposal will affect one address.

Locality and Details

This road is situated in Delacombe and is located off Cherry Flat Road. The section that requires re-naming is outlined in red on the map below.

Satellite map of Ascot Gardens Drive

Background and Rationale

The area in question is situated in the Ballarat West Growth Area (BWGA). This area of land has undergone rapid development in recent years and many new roads have been constructed in order to service the numerous housing estates that have been created.

Ascot Gardens Drive is a collector road that now adjoins this section of Webb Road and its construction is such that it would now appear that the subject section of Webb Road forms part of Ascot Gardens Road rather than a segment of Webb Road. The historical alignment of Webb road did in fact see the road turn a sharp right at the intersection of what is currently Ascot Gardens Drive and Webb Road, this was never an ideal alignment and quite confusing.

The existing alignment is a legacy of earlier times and it is considered that re-naming this section of Webb Road to Ascot Gardens Drive is the most sensible option and will remove the ambiguity of the current situation which will in turn create a safer road alignment.


Interested individuals and organisations are encouraged to make submissions in favour of or against this proposal. Please note: if no valid submissions are received, it will be assumed that there are no objections to this proposal.

For guidance on making a submission, please see the sheet, how to make a submission on a naming proposal, included. Council cannot consider this proposal or any individual submission before the public comment period closes and must consider all valid submissions before making a decision

Submissions must be in writing and reach the Place Names Officer, Lani Smith by 5pm Monday 13 August 2018.

Further Information

Further details about this proposal may be obtained from Council’s Place Names Officer, Lani Smith. The City of Ballarat has prepared an information sheet to provide guidance for anyone who wishes to request a place be named or renamed, or who may be affected by a naming proposal. The information sheet, titled Naming Proposals – General Information, is included with this correspondence and may also be obtained from Council’s Customer Service Centre. Details of this proposal may be found on the mySay Naming Proposals page.

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