Re-name a section of Webb Road in Delacombe and Bonshaw to Ascot Gardens Drive

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Proposal in Brief

This proposal will re-name a small section of Webb Road in Delacombe and Bonshaw.

Effect on Property Addresses

This proposal will affect 17 properties.

Locality and Details

This road is situated in Delacombe and Bonshaw and is located off Cherry Flat Road. The section that is proposed to be re-named is detailed on a map, which you can see in detail by clicking on the above headline: 'Re-name a section of Webb Road in Delacombe and Bonshaw to Ascot Gardens Drive'.

Background and Rationale

The City of Ballarat introduced the Ballarat West Development Contributions Plan (DCP) for development of land in Ballarat West Growth Area. The sub-precinct Bonshaw Creek has seen large residential and commercial development occurring and reconstruction of key roads within this sub-precinct. The northern section of Webb Road was reconstructed recently as part of a residential development resulting in the road alignment of Webb Road having the appearance of a continuation of Ascot Gardens Drive.

The City of Ballarat is proposing to rename this section of Webb Road to Ascot Gardens Drive to avoid confusion about the road alignment for residents and emergency services.


The City of Ballarat will be accepting submissions from residents directly affected. Please note: if no valid submissions are received, it will be assumed that there are no objections to this proposal.

Information on how to make a submission is included on this page. The City of Ballarat cannot consider this proposal or any individual submission before the public comment period closes and must consider all valid submissions before making a decision.

Submissions must be in writing and reach the City of Ballarat by 5pm Tuesday 17 December 2019.

Further Information

City of Ballarat has prepared an information sheet to provide guidance for anyone who wants to request a place be named or renamed, or who may be affected by a naming proposal.

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