We want your feedback on the ourballarat magazine. Your feedback will be factored into future decisions about the magazine.  

The ourballarat magazine is produced by the City of Ballarat. The articles keep residents and ratepayers up-to-date with services, programs, initiatives and events delivered by the City of Ballarat. It features local people and places, with a range of news, articles and event information to keep you connected to your community. 

We’d like to know what you think about ourballarat and help us decide on the future of the magazine. 

Please note, due to cost constraints relating to the mailing system, the City of Ballarat is currently unable to offer an opt-out option for the printed version of the ourballarat magazine. 

The engagement process will involve three stages, including:

1) Surveys - this stage will involve the below online survey, along with a smaller version of the survey printed on a postcard and inserted into the 2023 spring edition of the magazine, delivered to all households in the municipality. Survey participants will also have the option of stating whether or not they would be willing to participate in a focus group.

2) Focus groups - feedback gathered from the survey stage will be used to develop questions and discussion topics for some focus groups. These groups will provide in-depth feedback regarding the content and format of the ourballarat magazine. The dates of the focus groups are yet to be determined. 

3) Evaluation - feedback from the surveys and focus groups will be collated and evaluated. There may be changes to the ourballarat magazine based on this evaluation. The City of Ballarat will communicate any changes to the community.

 The survey will remain open until the end of October.