Council has commenced the implementation of Healthy Choices at Ballarat Outdoor pools and in partnership with local health services, council owned facilities and sporting clubs.

Phase 1 of the project saw an online consultation take place to gain a better understanding of the food and drink purchasing habits and needs of the community to support the implementation. 

The survey was undertaken between November 2021 and April 2022 and has now concluded. Please visit the Document Library on this page for the survey results. 

Thank you to all that provided their thoughts and feedback. We received 50 responses during this time.  Your input has provided us with a good overview of actions that need to take place to provide a better standard of food and drink options. 

  • 61% of respondents attend the Eureka pool most often
  • 53% of respondents rated the variety of general food options as Low
  • 44% of respondents thought the food quality was low
  • 77.1% of respondents thought the range of healthy food options was low
  • Ice creams and icy poles was the most popular item purchased
  • 43% of people purchase water as the drink of choice
  • Cost was the highest influence on purchasing 
  • Sandwiches and coffee were the highest requested food and drink options followed by fresh fruit and salads
  • 78% would like to see more healthy food and drink choices added to the menu

 Other comments included:

  • parents take their kids to the pool as a treat so it’s ok to have some ‘treat’ foods. 
  • There is not a very good choice of foods currently available and the current signage about healthy food does not make sense
  • Respondents nominated they would like to see less of sugar and soft drinks
  • Value packs or meal bundles were also suggested

With this information in mind, council will now work with young people, council staff and key agencies to implement a new branding of healthy choices as well as a variety of new food and drink options within council owned facilities. 

Thank you once again for those who participated in this survey.