Outdoor dining can create vibrant streetscapes, where people gather, the area feels exciting and draws you to return. This can often come at the cost of parking spaces, which are instead turned into places for people to gather.

This consultation allows Ballarat to consider what is more important to them, a park outside their destination, a park a few blocks away, and what they want from their city’s outdoor spaces

It is now your chance to let the City of Ballarat know what your feedback of parking in Ballarat and how the city’s outdoor spaces are activated. This will assist future planning for car parking, activation of public spaces and outdoor dining.

The consultation will allow businesses and community members to provide feedback to inform future directions of the paid parking system and outdoor activations.

What are the benefits of Outdoor Dining?
Outdoor dining seeks to enhance the public realm and encourage more pedestrians, visitors and customers to the area in order to benefit business and the wider precinct.

  • Improvements to physical and mental health.

  • Enhancing community wellbeing.

  • Reducing crime and making the city safer.

  • Supporting the local economy and visitor economy.

  • Improving pedestrian safety and increasing the use of non-vehicle based transport.

To help shape how the city is planned, please provide your feedback by completing this survey.

This survey will close on Tuesday 2 May, 2023.

CBD Parking & Activation

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.