The City of Ballarat (the City) is preparing strategic planning documents for the Ballarat CBD and Bridge Mall. This will build upon strategic work already completed by the City, which articulates the vision and objectives for the CBD area. This work commenced with the adoption of the Ballarat CBD Strategy in 2010 and continued most recently, with the approval for the Bakery Hill and Bridge Mall Precinct Urban Renewal Plan, adopted by Council in October 2019. 

Increased investment in the CBD is presenting Ballarat with the critical opportunity to invest in the design quality of its built environment and public realm. As we anticipate that health, education and professional services will continue to generate employment opportunities in support of the existing retail and hospitality trade, increased residential offerings will further contribute to a thriving, connected and distinctive neighbourhoods. The strategic planning documents will will be in the form of a structure plan and built form guidelines to inform principles and guidelines for future development in the CBD while protecting the important heritage and landscape characteristics of Ballarat. 

The CBD and Bridge Mall projects

Two strategic planning documents will be prepared to set the overall urban design direction for the Bridge Mall precinct and the wider CBD, while supporting strategic goals to further strengthen employment opportunities and to better support the provision of a greater diversity of housing in the area. By setting a high standard for design quality in future development within the Ballarat CBD, the city can continue to evolve while contributing to the highly valued heritage character of Ballarat. 

They will provide an urban design analysis alongside a set of draft principles associated with the future design of open space and the public realm, new buildings, movement and community infrastructure themes. 

Planning for the future of the Ballarat CBD aims to ensure that the housing and commercial needs of our growing and changing community are met in a way that is sustainable, equitable and in line with community values. 

More Information

For an update on the project please contact Strategic Planning at or (03) 5320 5500.