The City of Ballarat is seeking feedback on our Draft Social and Affordable Housing Action Plan. This plan has been developed to identify the ways that the City of Ballarat could contribute to social and affordable housing outcomes, with a focus on facilitation and advocacy to address community needs. The Action Plan will focus on delivering actions within the legislative responsibilities of local government.

Intended Outcomes of the Action Plan:

  • Better housing diversity that suits community needs
  • Increased affordable housing supply
  • Greater State and Federal Government investment and leadership
  • More effective partnership arrangements with community housing providers and developers
  • Improved community support for affordable housing
  • Established role for local government as an advocate for social and affordable housing outcomes for residents.

Why Housing Matters: Housing is a fundamental part of a healthy, thriving community. It directly impacts health and wellbeing, and plays a critical role in health, education, employment, and safety outcomes. Housing should be adequate (suitable size, warm, and dry), accessible (located near schools, work, and services), and affordable (priced so residents can afford other basic living costs).

The City of Ballarat has a statutory responsibility in housing-related matters such as land use, physical infrastructure planning and development. We also have a role in encouraging the provision of affordable and diverse housing opportunities for our community.

We invite your feedback on this action plan to ensure it meets the needs of our community. Please share your thoughts and suggestions.

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