The City of Ballarat are very aware that all industries across Ballarat are feeling the impact and stress of the nation's workforce shortages.

As such, the City of Ballarat is working collaboratively with local businesses and leadership organisations, to understand the problem at a local level.

Our first priority is to understand the main areas of workforce shortages throughout Ballarat industries, by conducting a survey of Ballarat businesses.

This short survey should not take you longer than 5 minutes & your contribution will help us gain a clearer understanding of local workforce issues, as we work toward uncovering solutions.

This survey will close on Sunday 17th July 2020

Please click 'Take Survey' below.


Understanding Ballarat's Workforce Shortages

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.

This survey has now closed. The data collected will be analysed by City of Ballarat and other local leadership organisations to help us understand which industries are significantly impacted locally, and where the skills gaps are within our community.

We will use this information to advocate for and explore opportunities to support the Ballarat business community in their search for suitably qualified staff, thought future programs of work.