Today Tomorrow Together: The Ballarat Strategy is our long term plan for Ballarat to 2040. The Ballarat Strategy is part of delivering on what you said. It covers development, infrastructure, planning and managing growth.

Ballarat Imagine gave us the community’s vision for Ballarat in 2040. Ballarat will grow substantially by 2040 – this is unavoidable. We need to find ways to grow and achieve our vision at the same time.

The ‘Draft’ Ballarat Strategy (April 2015) represents the ideas, aspirations and vision of the Ballarat community, expressed through the community conversations in Ballarat Imagine, 10 Game Changing Questions and the Preliminary Ballarat Strategy. It proposes a long-term future for a greener, more vibrant and connected Ballarat.

This report is the next and final stage in delivering the shared long-term land use strategy for managing growth and change in Ballarat towards 2040.