Help determine the future of the fencing at the the Walter Jones Memorial Park on the corner of Havelock Street and Napier Street in Black Hill.

The neighbourhood park offers a small open space area, small playground, paths and seating which is regularly used by local families.

To ensure the park is safe for all to use, the consultation will ask questions surrounding the fencing, specifically the style of fencing currently at the park.

The fencing currently erected includes mesh inserts, which can act as a barrier between the open space and the surrounding roads.

Some members of the community have raised concerns about the park being used by people as an off-lead area for their dog, as the fence is a secure barrier to the roads.

As the park is not an off-lead area, the consultation will determine whether the mesh component of the fencing is removed or remains.

The City of Ballarat will host two drop-in sessions at the park, when residents can ask questions and submit their feedback.

  1. Wednesday 28 June: 10am - 11am
  2. Friday 7 July: 4pm - 5pm

These are a great opportunity to pass on your feedback, ask questions and obtain information. If you can't attend these, please feel free to call Customer Service on 5320 5500 for more information.

Alternatively, the community can provide their feedback via a short survey online here.

The survey can also be accessed by using the QR codes at the park.

Your dog must be always kept on a lead, unless you are in an area clearly signed as an off-lead area “Designated Off Leash Area”.

Dogs can be exercised off a lead in many reserves and parks, but they must remain under control and be continually supervised and under effective control.

*Please note- the proposal was to remove a section of the fencing along the lower Havelock street side, where the gates are. There is no intention or proposal to remove the entire fence.


Walter Jones Memorial Park Usage

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.