Project update (July 2019)

The Better Flood Planning Project will improve our understanding of flooding on properties across Ballarat and our ability to manage flooding when it occurs.

In March and April 2019, more than eighty community members, business owners, students and shoppers provided feedback about their experience of flooding in Ballarat.

Participants took part in a survey and community drop-in sessions to confirm and inform flood modelling data undertaken along 11 waterways throughout Ballarat. This feedback will inform a Planning Scheme Amendment to introduce appropriate planning controls to improve flood planning and management across Ballarat.

The feedback will also inform the City of Ballarat's understanding of flooding in Ballarat and will assist in future planning and prioritisation of infrastructure improvements, flood mitigation and flood emergency management.

Next steps (midlate 2019)

Feedback provided at the drop-in sessions is being reviewed and the drafting of amendment documentation has commenced.

Following the completion of this work, the Strategic Planning team will seek a resolution from Council to request authorisation to proceed with the Planning Scheme Amendment from the Minister for Planning.

For more information please contact the Strategic Planning team at