What’s happening?

We have reviewed the Doug Dean Recreation Reserve Master Plan, building on the 2002 and 2011 master plans. The reserve is highly valued by the community and the master plan will assist us to manage and maintain the reserve as well as prioritising investments in new or improved facilities.

How we have used your feedback?

Following a number of community feedback opportunities a Master Plan for the Doug Dean Reserve has been developed. In October 2018 we gathered information from the community about the priorities and ideas for the Reserve and a draft Plan was developed. A consultation report can be found in the Document Library section of this page. In March the Draft Master Plan was put on public exhibition for a month for community members to provide feedback and this information has been considered with adjustments made to create a Final Master Plan. The Final Doug Dean Reserve Master Plan is also available in the Document Library.

What next?

The Updated Master Plan provides a high level direction for the development of the Reserve over the next 10-20 years. The Master Plan will help Council advocate for funding and identify opportunities to progress community priorities at the Reserve.