Public exhibition for proposed heritage protection for the 'Lintel Grange Homestead Complex' has closed. 

51 submissions were received to the Planning Scheme Amendment (C245ball) that implements the recommendations of the Lintel Grange Homestead Complex Heritage Citation (City of Ballarat, July 2023) to apply the Heritage Overlay to part of 127 Edmonston Road, Addington.

Next steps

We are now in Stage 3 of the Planning Scheme Amendment Process outlined in the table below. 

Submissions will be reviewed and submitters will be contacted directly to notify of the Council meeting date where this matter will be presented. 

What is the Lintel Grange Homestead Complex

'Lintel Grange Homestead Complex is an early small farming enterprise established prior to the first of the Land Selection Acts in 1860 and has a long and continuing association with the Edmonston family.

Cr Charles Edmonston was an influential pastoralist, a progressive and prosperous cultivator and was heavily involved in the community. It is found that Lintel Grange homestead is of aesthetic (architectural) significance as example of a restrained classical mid-Victorian homestead. The use of white local granite is of particular interest, being very finely tooled and extensively used in window and door surrounds, under eave, base of walls and in quoins which provide relief from the heavy bluestone of which the much of of the dwelling is constructed.

About Planning Scheme Amendment C245ball

What the amendment will do?

The amendment changes the Ballarat Planning Scheme to include the Lintel Grange Homestead Complex (HO232) in the Heritage Overlay. The Heritage Overlay is part of a local planning scheme and is a tool to protect places of heritage significance. A planning permit for certain types of buildings and works may be required to ensure the proposed development does not detract from the heritage significance of the property and the area around it.

Stages of a planning scheme amendment: