M.R. Power Park will be the home of Ballarat's newest skate park and 3-on-3 basketball court and we need your help to shape these dynamic and youth-focused facilities.

To do this, we've planned a collaborative design session where you can work with our design team to identify the elements for the skate park, the layout, and what colour schemes are used in the skate facility.

We need to hear from you! There are several ways to have your say:

  • Collaborative Design Session to be held Wednesday 27 July 5pm at Sebastopol Library. (completed)
  • Online Design Survey (closed)
  • E-Mail submission to Natalie Grero, Health Promotion Officer City of Ballarat
    • nataliegrero@ballarat.vic.gov.au

Thank you to those who have completed our survey and collaborative design session.

All of your feedback will be used to create the draft design. We will bring the draft back to you in four to six weeks for comment.
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