What is the Ballarat Draft Public Toilet Strategy?

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Project update

Phase 2 consultation on the Draft Ballarat Public Toilet Strategy is now closed.

Over the past few months, we’ve been seeking feedback from the community to better understand how we can improve public toilets that are provided by the City of Ballarat. You’ve told us that cleanliness, safety, location, and accessibility are most important to you. We’ve used this feedback to help shape the Draft Ballarat Public Toilet Strategy. You can view a full summary of the consultation findings here.

The Ballarat Draft Public Toilet Strategy will help to guide the provision, renewal, and upgrade of public toilet facilities across the municipality. It also sets out the following vision for public toilets:

“The City of Ballarat will provide high quality, inclusive and accessible public toilets that are safe, clean, and cater to diverse community needs.”

Key recommendations of the strategy include:

  • Conducting site assessments and business cases for potential new public toilets
  • Exploring alternative locations for a new public toilet in the Little Bridge Street vicinity
  • Exploring opportunities to upgrade or renew existing toilets in regional townships
  • Setting out Environmentally Sustainable Design principles into all new public toilets
  • Improving wayfinding and signage of public toilets, including information on the City of Ballarat website showing an image of the facility, its address, opening hours and amenities.
  • Exploring provisions for improved hygiene, including installing hand soap dispensers in all public toilets
  • Building or upgrading new ‘standard’ or ‘destination’ type public toilets with at least one toilet cubicle for anyone to use (regardless of age, ability, gender or cultural background) in addition to maintaining at least one male-only and one female-only public toilet.

The Draft Public Toilet Strategy consultation has concluded.