Macarthur Street Streetscape Improvements

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About the Active Transport Program

Steinfeld Street bike path
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    Projects in this category have final concepts and are progressing through tendering or actual construction works.

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    Projects in this category have been constructed. Go for a walk, bring the family or jump on your bike and give them a try.

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    Projects in this category will follow towards design and engagement once current projects are completed

This map provides an overview of walking and cycling focussed projects across the Municipality.

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Enabling safe, convenient and enjoyable walking and cycling trips is vitally important as part of an overall vision to transition Ballarat towards a more sustainable and equitable future. The image below from the adopted Cycling Action Plan provides an overview of the various modes of transport and their considerations.

The Cycling Action Plan 2017–2025 seeks to directly implement the range of existing policy on cycling, through practical, local priorities - focusing on improving bike riding infrastructure and networks across Ballarat while seeking to motivate more people to ride more often and to more places. Success for this plan means achieving the following goals.

The goals of this Action Plan will be achieved by prioritising investment, effort and encouragement of the following:

Through a user-focused approach, the Ballarat Bicycle Network routes have been developed with significant input from cyclists and other interested stakeholders, and specifically link activity centres together using a destination-based approach.

Strategically, the BBN proposes to link centres as shown: