The Inclusive Ballarat engagement process has closed with more than 840 people having input over 11 different engagement tools. This data is now being analysed before the drafting of the following plans:

  • Inclusion Framework
  • Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Intercultural Plan
  • LGBTIQA+ Inclusion Plan
  • Disability Access and Inclusion Plan
  • Ageing Well Strategy

The draft plans and a summary of engagement findings will be published on our MySay page in August for final feedback before they are adopted by Council. We will publicise the next feedback opportunity when it opens through a range of media channels. Those who are registered on MySay will receive direct notification when the plans are ready for viewing. You can register for MySay here.

Thank you to everyone who provided input. This will ensure that these plans are responsive to community need.


We want to hear from people from across Ballarat about how to make our city more inclusive for:

  • People of all ages
  • People with disability
  • People who identify as LGBTIQA+
  • People from a range of cultures and religions
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Council heard very clearly from our community last year that our residents want Ballarat to be an inclusive city for everyone. We are currently developing a range of new plans that help us to become a more inclusive organisation and promote a more inclusive city. These plans include:

• Overarching Inclusion Framework

• Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

• Intercultural Plan

• Reconciliation Action Plan

• Ageing Well Strategy

• LGBTIQA+ Inclusion Plan

There are lots of ways to be involved:

  • Answer our survey below
  • Drop a pin on our map below and show us the places and spaces in Ballarat that you find inclusive
  • Hold a conversation with your friends, family or groups you are part of with our Conversation Kits (see the menu on the right - or the bottom on a mobile device)
  • Contribute to our ideas boards which will be at 16 locations around Ballarat between April 11 and May 8
  • Come back to this page to participate in our one-question online polls (see the menu on the right - or the bottom on a mobile device)
  • Complete one of our activity sheets (see the menu on the right - or the bottom on a mobile device)

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