The Trails and Connections project will increase walkability in Ballarat East by creating links and connections to existing trails. 

In 2019, Council adopted Imagine Ballarat East - The Ballarat East Local Area Plan. This Plan was developed in consultation with the community and set a vision, values and strategies to guide growth and development in Ballarat East. A key theme that emerged as part of this process is how highly the Ballarat East community values their experience of the natural world that makes Ballarat a city within a landscape. Improving active transport corridors; enhancing connectivity through better walking and cycling connections; creating better links between attractions and facilities; as well as improving way finding and interpretation. The Ballarat East Trails and Connections project is part of the City of Ballarat's commitment to deliver Imagine Ballarat East - The Ballarat East Local Area Plan.

Ballarat East is home to several established walking tracks and trails along our lakes and waterways.  These trails connect key points of interest, attractions and open spaces. While this network is extensive, there are opportunities for connections to fill in gaps to increase the reach of the network. We need your local knowledge to review the links we've mapped, to identify the order in which they are implemented and to identify other connections that can further improve the network of trails in Ballarat East. 

To start the conversation, we've mapped 17 opportunities for connection in the map below. From now until 18 September 2023, we'd like your feedback on these connections, other opportunities and the top links you'd like to see implemented. 

To Have Your Say, please use the Ideas links or drop a pin using the mapping tool both at the bottom of this page. 

Once we have your feedback, we will use it to refine the proposed connections and develop an implementation plan. The top options will proceed to design next year and construction in the 2024/2025 financial year. We will keep you informed of the progress using this page and a project based email newsletter. Please sign up for updates on this page. 

For each link, we will consider the following changes: 

  • new pathways and improvements to existing footpaths
  • safer and more accessible creek crossings and bridges
  • improved path surface 
  • safer road crossings for neighbourhood and major roads. 
  • improving wayfinding including removing outdated signage
  • shade trees and habitat planting
  • creating rest points.

Trails and Connections: Project Area map 

Connections and their identifying numbers are described in more detail below: