Ballarat Planning Scheme Amendment C240 implements the recommendations of six Heritage Citations to apply the Heritage Overlay to five individual places and one residential heritage precinct.

About the amendment

The City of Ballarat has been progressively identifying buildings of historical significance.

Five individual places have been identified and include:

  1. ‘Victory’ House at 742 Geelong Road, Canadian (HO226)
  2. ‘Bournedale’ Selkirk House and Garden at 618 Howitt Street, Ballarat North (HO227)
  3. Miner’s Right/John Pearce House at 89 Magpie Street, Golden Point (HO228)
  4. Mossmont House and Garden at 1207 Winter Street, Buninyong (HO229)
  5. St Marks Anglican Parsonage at 201 Melbourne Road, Brown Hill (HO230)

One heritage precinct known as Holmes Street Residential Precinct has also been identified and includes 7,9,11,13,15,17,19 Holmes Street, Ballarat Central (HO231).

Heritage Citations for each site/precinct confirms the local heritage significance and the worthy inclusion of each site/precinct in the Heritage Overlay.

The City of Ballarat has prepared Planning Scheme Amendment C240 to implement the recommendations of the Heritage Citations into the Ballarat Planning Scheme.

The amendment also removes an expired interim Heritage Overlay for the heritage place ‘Former Eureka Lead Gold Sluicing Company Pumping Site’ at 113 Lofven Street, Nerrina.

All supporting documents can be found under 'Supporting Documents' on this page. You can find out what specific changes are being made to the Ballarat Planning Scheme in the Explanatory Report.

Miner’s Right/John Pearce House at 89 Magpie Street, Golden Point

On 2 May 2023, the former home of mine manager John Pearce was destroyed by fire. On 24 May 2023, Council received a structural engineer report stating that the fire damaged structure was unsafe and recommended it be demolished as a matter of urgency as it posed a public safety risk. The structure was subsequently demolished on 30 May 2023.

Council considers it important to follow the relevant statutory procedures for a planning scheme amendment as required by the Planning and Environment Act 1987 therefore the site is being exhibited as part of Amendment C240.

Exhibition of Amendment C240

The planning scheme amendment process has several stages. Amendment C240 is now in Stage 3 where Council is considering submissions.

Stages of a planning scheme amendment:

Next steps

Exhibition of this amendment is now closed. All submissions will now be reviewed and presented at a Council meeting on 13 September 2023. Anyone who made a submission will be notified directly about the meeting. 

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Make a Submission

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