Victoria Park was established in 1890 with Victoria’s first Arbor Day plantings and is one of Ballarat’s most significant parklands. It is over 120 hectares in size, is centrally positioned between Ballarat’s CBD and major growth corridor to the west, and has a diverse history of community use for recreation and events. It is also one of the best examples of a European style parkland in Australia today.

In recent years Victoria Park has been subject to increasing and often competing infrastructure development challenges and opportunities including:

  • Preserving and enhancing the Parks historical plantings, landscape character, native grasslands and environmental and historical values.
  • Addressing increasing traffic issues and flooding issues throughout the Park.
  • Existing user group and stakeholder desires for improved ovals, upgraded or new clubrooms, lighting, improved road surfaces and car parking.
  • Community desires for improved access, connections, passive leisure opportunities and improved amenity and safety.
  • The need for a venue for a major events facility within the Ballarat region.
  • Community demand for new and improved facilities for shared and multi -functional use to cater to Ballarat’s growing population.

Several documents have been prepared to help to guide the future of Victoria Park including the ‘Victoria Park Vision’ which was developed in 2012 following an extensive community and stakeholder consultation process.

In April 2015 the City of Ballarat commenced the process of preparing a Master Plan for Victoria Park. The Master Plan is aimed at consolidating the development challenges and opportunities and the community Vision into an overall plan to guide the future planning, design and development of Victoria Park, and the priorities for implementation.

October 2015 - Final Draft Master Plan

Development of the Victoria Park Master Plan commenced in April 2015 with a community engagement process including an Open House, surveys, submissions and interviews with key stakeholders. The feedback from this process was then considered and reflected in the development of the Preliminary Draft Master Plan which was placed on exhibition during August to September 2015 to seek further community feedback.

Over 200 survey responses and submissions were received during this period and are summarised in the Preliminary Draft Masterplan Community Feedback Summary; generally indicating broad community and stakeholder support for a range of key recommendations in the Preliminary Draft Master Plan including:

  • Increased tree planting, enlarged native grassland areas and improved vegetation management.
  • Increased events capacity with an open lawn events space in the south-west corner.
  • Improved recreation facilities including: clubrooms with publicly accessible toilets, oval resurfacing, criterium course upgrades, and equestrian precinct improvements.
  • Improved parkland amenity and leisure facilities including: dog off leash areas, playgrounds, BBQ’s, seating, drinking fountains, and wayfinding and interpretive signage.
  • Additional and improved walking paths and pedestrian and cycling access and connections.
  • Improved entrances, traffic management, vehicle control and car parking.
  • Additional and improved water bodies and drainage works to reduce flooding, increase park amenity and provide opportunities for stormwater harvesting for irrigation.
It is envisioned that the progressive implementation of the Master Plan will protect and further enhance Victoria Park’s unique landscape qualities and features, whilst providing for increased demand for a broad range of recreational facilities, leisure opportunities and spaces for community events; ensuring that Victoria Park continues to be highly valued by the Ballarat community into the foreseeable future.
The Final Draft of the Victoria Park Master Plan is now complete and available for download and comments/submissions. Submissions are open until Monday 9th November 2015. The Master Plan is also available for viewing in hard copy at Council’s Customer Service Centre and local Ballarat libraries.
Comments and submissions received during this period will be considered prior to the presentation of the Victoria Park Master Plan to Council for approval in December 2015.

Written feedback can be sent to:

Planning Implementation
City of Ballarat,
PO Box 655,
Ballarat, Victoria, 3353


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